#TipSeries: Advantages of Collaboration

It’s nearly impossible to walk across campus without running into some sort of student-run event–especially at a school like Northeastern, where involvement is a cornerstone of the NU experience. Fraternity/Sorority life, volunteer groups, political societies–these are the definitive pieces of a college’s image that come together to create the full picture.


But being involved is no easy task. Organizing events, updating calendars and social media platforms, attracting new members–the list of responsibilities is endless. Sure, it’s great to be involved and help contribute to the NU community–but when you’re trying to advertise your club to the world, it can be hard to stay afloat in the sea of other organizations.

So how’s an active student like yourself supposed to keep your club’s head above water? Two words: club partnership.

Two is better than one, after all–and in the case of student organizations, three or four is superior. But why should your club consider partnering up? Let’s boil it down.

  1. Strength in numbers. If your club is small-ish, coordinating with a bigger counterpart is a great way to recruit new members, have a larger influence on your area of focus, and bring validity to your organization. Asking a celebrity to come to campus looks better when a multitude of unified clubs present the proposal, right? Alternatively, if your club is big, smaller clubs are a great way to help streamline or concentrate on your goals.
  2. Networking. Organizations almost always have access to real-life contacts, and connecting with them through other organizations can be a huge boost for you and your future endeavors. Especially at a school like Northeastern, where career-based clubs are both popular and useful, inter-organizational collaboration can be a big source of networking potential.

So go get ‘em, tiger–find a club on campus that presents an opportunity of mutual benefit. Not only will you be helping your interests, but you’ll be supporting your community–and there’s nothing better than that.

-by Alicia, CSI Marketing Associate

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