#TipSeries: The Science of the Career Fair

Welcome to Northeastern University: Home of the Huskies, scrumptious food trucks, ridiculous amounts of snow, and – oh yeah! – the #1 Career Services department in the country. That’s right – employers from across the world have their eyes on us. That’s why, when we hear “career fair”, our ears perk up, our backs straighten, and our faces break out into highly employable smiles.


But there’s a science to these mythical career fairs, and it’s more than memorizing a verbal summary of your work experience. CSI’s here to break down the basics and hone your ability to snag that perfect co-op.

  1. Visit the Center for Career Services. They offer plenty of incentives for fair preparation, including consultation with a professional who is there specifically to help you with your career goals. Sure, looking prepared is important, but being prepared is a surefire way to capture an employer’s attention. Check out their website here, and a really cool article about what they do here. Alternatively, there’s multiple student-run professional clubs on campus with similar resources.
  2. Make sure that your resume is spotless. Ask for outside review to spot grammatical errors, inconsistencies, or anything you may have skipped over. Tailor it towards the career direction that you want; emphasize the duties or achievements that would contribute to the job that you’re looking for. Remember, your resume is your responsibility. It’s on you to make sure it advertises you in a beneficial way.
  3. Do your research. Get access to the list of employers who will be at the fair and study your top choices. The goal is to stand out from the crowd and show that you’re serious about your application–employers will notice if you’ve done your research.


Job fairs can be great, but remember this: your experience at a job fair entirely weighs on your preparation and execution. If you use the tips listed above, though, you’re sure to come out on top! For more information, check out the career fair held in February and if you’re still nervous, look at this Levo article about prepping for that initial interview.

-by Alicia, CSI Marketing Associate


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