Meet the Author: Do Your Om Thing

This blog post is written and photographed by our friend, Kathleen Anderson, a graduate student in Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies.


What is the feeling you leave behind? Do you want to be the person that relaxes others in a crisis? Or the person who brings light to a room?

These were questions Rebecca Pacheco had us ask ourselves at the latest Snell Meet the Author session. Rebecca is the author of ‘Do Your Om Thing’ which teaches how yoga practices can help in modern day life. Apparently ‘It’s not just about getting fit and sexy’ and yoga is not a magic tool, but it will help you deal with difficult situations you encounter in your daily life and improve the relationship you have with yourself.

Extracts from her book ranged from finding your spirit to being mindful of your body.

But this was no normal book reading – she had audience participation!

She gave us one breathing exercise we could use every day, to take time to help change our focus and energy. Then came ‘Yoga Espresso’ – a breathing exercise which is more like a contemporary dance routine, this created a real buzz in the room and woke us all up. So, don’t be surprised if you see students in the library doing some ‘yoga espresso’ during the run up to finals.

Next we meditated – we were asked to close our eyes, think about one of our dreams and then imagine that it just happened. The energy in the room was unbelievable and was quite emotional for some. It truly helped to see our how we can get closer to our dreams becoming a reality.

Rebecca helped us to consider yoga in a different light and made us more aware of how our breathing can change our mindset. So next time your Netflix starts buffering or you get parking ticket just take a moment and take a deep breath.

Want to connect with Kathleen? Follow her on Twitter for more!

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