Springfest 2015: Behind The Scenes

This blog post is written and photographed by our friend, Kathleen Anderson, a graduate student in Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies.



Volunteers had to arrive for what is called ‘load-in’ for the show, luckily there was coffee waiting for us. There was no time wasting straight away – we started wheeling in massive boxes of lights, speakers, stairs and curtains. I never knew how many things were needed for the set-up of a stage. I’m going to be honest before I came to do my masters I never thought I would be building a stage for concert but I am extremely proud that I can now say that I helped build the stage Jason Derulo was on.

Crowd 1


The morning went really fast, as we were all so busy building the stage, rigging the lights and setting up the chairs on the floor area (this was the least fun job of them all). It was great because everyone pulled together and we got it all set-up pretty quickly in time for sound checks and a sandwich break. However, around 11am they decided to start testing out the lights and smoke machine and there must have been a little too much smoke as next thing we knew there were three fire trucks on the street. We were just glad none of the acts had arrived at this point.

Crowd 2

Show Time

Then came the calm before the storm, just before doors opened we all took a moment to chill out as we knew this was it. Because I was inside all day, I didn’t realize how many people were lined up outside all afternoon. But, it worked out for them because they ended up with the best seats in the house. The concert itself was fantastic; everyone seemed to really enjoy all the acts and even all of the volunteers were dancing and singing their hearts out.



Load- out started the minute the lights went up till about midnight – we had to clear everything out. Even though it was a late night and a long day, it was so much fun. It really brought everyone in CUP together and we all got to know each other so much better. I’m so glad I got to be a part of the day and I had such a great time.

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