#tipseries: Tips for a First Year Student

We’re already a month into the Fall 2016 semester. Can you believe it?! You’re starting to settle into the craziness of college but you’re probably still scrambling to get your life together. Your room was a mess minutes after you moved in, you don’t have any food in your fridge, and your classes are only getting more intense by the second. With all that needs to be done, how can you manage to fully enjoy the experience of Northeastern? How will you manage to find the time to explore not only our campus, but the entire city of Boston? Don’t fret; as a second year student, I can provide some helpful tips to truly appreciate our campus and our city.


Pursue Interests Unrelated to your Major

While you may love your major, what fun is it doing the same thing all day, everyday? Sometimes, you have to branch out and try new things – or maybe go back to an old passion that you now have the time to revisit. You can take a class in something you’re interested in but never had the chance to learn about with courses like the Age of Dinosaurs or Hip Hop in the Music Industry. If you don’t have space in your schedule to take these classes, there are plenty of clubs and student groups on campus that allow you to explore your interests – from the Film Enthusiast’s Club to the Real Estate Club, there’s something for everyone!

Check Out the Great Restaurants

Northeastern does offer plenty of great places to get a quick bite in between classes; some of my favorite places on campus are Cafe Crossing and Rebecca’s. However, there are so many great options that are just a few steps from our campus. You may already be familiar with some places – Panera Bread, Five Guys, and Au Bon Pain, to name a few – but there a few out there that provide a unique experience for those new to the area. Lucy’s, a restaurant on Mass Ave, provides a wide selection of Ethiopian dishes for interested newcomers to experience, and Amelia’s Taqueria on Huntington creates an amazing burrito experience. If you’re willing to go farther off campus, check out the Boston Public Market, which has a wide selection of unique eateries inside.

Find the Best Places to Hang Out on Campus

Snell certainly gets the job done, but sometimes it can get a bit monotonous studying in the same place everyday. It’s fun to get out and explore a bit of campus, in hopes of finding the perfect cranny for a late-afternoon cram session in between classes. Popular sites are Centennial and Krentzman Quad, but because of this they can get a bit crowded, making them not the best option at times. One of my favorite places to hang out oncampus is the West Village Quad. The location makes it perfect; it’s not in the middle of campus, making it unusual to witness a lot of foot traffic in the middle of the day. You could take my suggestion and try the West Village Quad out, but it’s fun to explore and find your own secret locale to hang out in.

Be on the Look Out for Free Stuff

As a student in the city of Boston – which is home to such a large concentration of colleges and universities – there is a never ending list of free events and opportunities available in the city. Not only that, but there are so many free events and opportunities that exist on our very own campus. Be sure to check out the annual CollegeFest, held in Fenway Park, and MixFest, held at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell. Other than that, there are always events happening on campus where you can get free shirts, bracelets, sunglasses, and other trinkets. There are also opportunities to hear speakers or see a concert for free; check out the events being held in Blackman or Afterhours to make sure you’re not missing anything. In order to take advantage of each opportunity, be sure to follow clubs, student organizations, and the Center for Student Involvement on social media.


If you follow all of these tips, you’ll be sure to have some fun your first year at Northeastern! While the first year can be stressful and requires a lot adjusting, there are still ways to enjoy yourself on the Northeastern campus and in Boston. After a bit of exploration, you’ll feel so at home here that the doubts and stress you have now will be a distant memory.


-by Nia, CSI Marketing Associate

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