#KnowYourOrg: Northeastern Shakespeare Society

#KnowYourOrg is a weekly publication by the Center for Student Involvement that highlights different student-run clubs and organizations on Northeastern’s campus. It aims to promote and support these groups by allowing them a platform of communication to their community, on campus and beyond. Think your club or organization would be interested? Email csimarketingassociate@gmail.com!


We spoke with Noah Pulchen, a fourth year Communication Studies and Business Administration student and the founder/president of the Northeastern Shakespeare Society. The Northeastern Shakespeare Society is a student-run, classical theatre group. Focusing on making Shakespeare accessible, they produce two productions a year (indoors in the fall and outdoors in the spring) free to the Northeastern community and general public.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your club.

A: The Northeastern Shakespeare Society is the newest student-run theatre group on campus. We put on two shows a year: an indoor show in the fall and Shakespeare on Centennial in the spring.

Q: What do your members aim to do?

A: Our aim is to increase the availability and accessibility of Shakespeare and other classical texts to the Northeastern community and the general public. Part of our mission, and included in our constitution, is that all of our productions must have free admission.

Q: What does a typical meeting look like?

A: Since we’re a theatre group, our meetings are our rehearsals. And while the rehearsal schedule differs per show, it tends to be 4-5 days a week for 2-3 hours.

Q: What does your e-board look like? Why?

A: We’ve got a fairly standard e-board. But we only do administrative work. The directors are really what make the club a club. Each semester, candidates present the show they want to direct to the e-board, who then vote on the candidates.

Q: What are some projects or events you have had in the past? Why were they memorable?

A: Our first ever Shakespeare on Centennial had an audience of over 300!

Q: How can students at Northeastern get involved?

A: Anyone is open to audition for or work on our shows! We have English and theatre majors, but we also have chemical engineers and game designers. We don’t have a spring audition date yet, but the best way to stay up-to-date with us in through our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ShakespeareNU

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