#tipseries: Tackling the Tough Stuff in the Co-Op Process

The co-op process may seem stressful at first glance. After all the application deadlines comes the waiting game, on standby until an employer reaches out to schedule an interview. It’s hard not to stress – and in addition to the co-op process, you still have to juggle classes and club meetings. To keep yourself at ease, here are some tips for dealing with the stress of the co-op season.


Meet with Your Co-Op Coordinator

The co-op process can be daunting. There are just so many job options and opportunities in the co-op database that it can get a bit overwhelming. Your Co-Op Coordinator is there to help you throughout the process. You can talk to your Co-Op Coordinator about your career interests and personal and professional goals, develop your resume, and approached to the job search. They may be able to expose you to job opportunities that fit your interests and goals. Your Coordinator is also there to provide advice once you start receiving offers, and can be a useful tool in deciding what co-op position is right for you.

Keep an Open Mind

One of the biggest concerns you may have when applying to co-ops is getting the perfect co-op – that is, one in the perfect location, with a great pay, where you’ll be doing exactly what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life. While that perfect co-op may exist for some, most of us have to compromise to get the best experience. And that’s okay! Remember to keep an open mind when you are considering co-op options and when you start getting co-op options. Even though a position may not have been your first choice, keeping an open mind allows you to get the most out of your experience no matter where you end up.

Be Prepared for Rejection

On the off chance that you do find the job of your dreams in the co-op database, don’t assume that you have the position! Northeastern is a collection of many high-achieving, highly-qualified students who will be applying for the same jobs as you. Co-op is an extremely competitive process, with many students applying to companies that are only offering one position. Employment is not guaranteed, so be prepared for rejection and interviews that lead to nowhere. However, stay motivated and work hard throughout the semester in order to secure a position!


While the co-op process can be nerve-racking, it’s important to slow down and take a breather.  With these tips, you’ll be fully equipped to balance the co-op process with all of the other commitments and responsibilities that you have during the semester.


-by Nia, CSI Marketing Associate

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