#tbt: Northeastern Latino/a Student Cultural Center Mural

Last week, the Latino/a Student Cultural Center unveiled a new mural, gracing the Northeastern campus with a celebration of the roots and rich culture of our Latino/a students. The LSCC has provided Northeastern students of Latino/a with a “home away from home,” and students of all backgrounds are given the opportunity to explore Latino/a culture. The Center not only offers resources to the Latino/a students of Northeastern, but also produces events that allow every student to learn more about Latino/a culture and the Spanish language. Here are a few events from the past that we feel exemplify this pursuit, many of them recurring:


Hora Del Café

An opportunity for all, the LSCC allows students, staff, and faculty to practice their Spanish speaking skills – over a cup of coffee! These events, which occur multiple times during the semester, gives members of our community – beginners and native speakers alike – the chance to improve their Spanish in an informal setting.

Salsa Con Salsa

The Center also offers events that give students the ability to explore other aspects of Latino/a culture – like Salsa Con Salsa, an event that the Center has previously put on, giving students the ability to show off their salsa moves. The salsa night not only included a free beginner/intermediate salsa lesson at the LSCC, but also provided a variety of chips and salsa for sampling!

Other Events

The LSCC serves as the meeting space for one of our on-campus organization, LASO, or the Latin American Student Organization. With the mission statement declaring the organization to be “dedicated to the advancement of our culture and the preservation of our identity,” LASO puts on many events throughout the semester that either celebrate Latino/a culture or inspire dialogue about the Latino/a American experience. The organization has brought a prominent speaker of Latin American background to Northeastern. In the past two years, the organization has graced us with Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz from the hit show Orange Is the New Black, each speaker offering insight into the Latin American experience. The organization has also put on events like Carnival Latino, which occurred this September, that give out free Latin food and offer fun for all.


With all that the Latino/a Student Cultural Center presents, there’s no excuse to not stop by and check it out! The colorful mural painted on the side of the Center is the perfect representation of the lively events offered inside.


-by Nia, CSI Marketing Associate; photo by Allie Gurland


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