#KnowYourOrg: Malaysian Student Association

#KnowYourOrg is a weekly publication by the Center for Student Involvement that highlights different student-run clubs and organizations on Northeastern’s campus. It aims to promote and support these groups by allowing them a platform of communication to their community, on campus and beyond. Think your club or organization would be interested? Email csimarketingassociate@gmail.com!


We spoke with Adam Lim, a second year pharmacy student, and Azzira Azli, a third year Psychology and Political Science double major. These two are the president and vice president of the Malaysian Student Association on campus! Their group meets throughout the semester to celebrate the Malaysian community at Northeastern. Adam and Azzira told us a little bit more about their club:

Q: Tell us a little bit about your club.

A: The primary purpose of MSA is to establish a close-knit community for Malaysians and other students through informative and social activities. MSA wishes to showcase their country’s rich heritage so that people can appreciate and embrace what Malaysia has to offer. MSA also provides a platform for Malaysian students to feel at home, acclimatize and connect with one another, while fostering friendship with students who are interested in the Malaysian culture.

Nothing is typical when it comes to MSA meetings. We try to make each meeting unique and different. We have had meetings where we cook Malaysian food, played traditional board games, or just chilled and have a conversation about Malaysian culture.

Q: When and where do you typically meet?

A: We typically meet every other Thursday at 008 East Village from 7-8 pm.

Q: What does your e-board look like? Why?

A: We look like a bunch of best friends having fun! (haha). As Malaysians, we have this special bond that we feel is unique. No matter where we are,  if you meet another Malaysian, we can automatically be great friends. The e-board is really close with each other and we hang out a lot even outside MSA events.  

Q: What are some projects or events you have had in the past? Why were they memorable?

A: We celebrated Chinese New Year in February. While a lot of Asian countries celebrate the new year, our customs and traditions vary. We were able to share food and did activities that reminded us of home with the Northeastern community. It felt really memorable because we made new friends, bonded with the ones we previously made, and the general atmosphere of the event was really warm and relaxed.

Q: Do you have any projects or events that you are particularly excited about?

A: We are in the midst of planning several events for the Spring 2017 semester and are excited for students to get involve and participate. We will start promoting the events as details are confirmed, so we highly recommend liking us on our Facebook page. We feel the events we host are a great way to showcase the Malaysian culture as well as promote our mission of creating a fun atmosphere to connect with other students.

Q: How can students at Northeastern get involved?

There is no one specific criteria to get involved with our student organization. We welcome anyone and everyone! Time commitment is rather minimal. We know that Northeastern students are exceptionally busy with all sorts of activities. Students may come to as many or as little events as they like. We just hope they enjoy what we have organized and plan to come to future events. You may follow us on our social media links below or send us an email. We love receiving emails! We are open to your questions, suggestions, or if you would like to just hangout with us for some bubble tea!

Email: msa.northeastern@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NEUMSA
Instagram: @neu_msa
Twitter: @neu_msa

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