#KnowYourOrg: NU Circle K

#KnowYourOrg is a weekly publication by the Center for Student Involvement that highlights different student-run clubs and organizations on Northeastern’s campus. It aims to promote and support these groups by allowing them a platform of communication to their community, on campus and beyond. Think your club or organization would be interested? Email csimarketingassociate@gmail.com!


We spoke with Jennifer Rigby, a third year Marketing student and the President of Circle K at Northeastern. Circle K meets every other Tuesday from 6-7pm in West Village G 102. They told us a little bit more about their club, and how we can get involved!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your club.

A: Circle K is the collegiate branch of the Kiwanis family. Kiwanis is a large, international service organization. Northeastern University Circle K is committed to providing community service and volunteer opportunities on and off campus for students. We aim to recognize areas of need in the community, and we work tirelessly to fill those needs through community outreach.

We like our meetings to reflect our overall mission as a club: to serve the community. Therefore, we are sure to include a service project at the end of each meeting. Projects include: making paracord bracelets for our Troops, designing no-slip socks or no-sew blankets for children at Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute, or making PB&J’s for Families in Transition at the YMCA.

Aside from in-meeting service projects, our meetings allow members to sign up for off-campus service projects for the following two weeks. Members are also given the opportunity to share how their previous service event experiences were. If members belong to another organization, we host an open-forum that allows them to discuss other happenings throughout the University.

Q: What does your e-board look like? Why?

A: We have a very dedicated, collaborative e-board that consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. As we are an organization that strives to provide plenty of leadership opportunities, we also have a leadership team that consists of five members. These members create flyers for events, manage social media pages, contact and maintain service partnerships, assist in the planning of large-scale on campus events, recruit members to join Circle K, amongst many other activities.

Leadership is a pillar of Circle K; therefore, we make sure that our e-board and leadership team are given equal opportunity to provide input into decision-making. We are a collaborative group, not a hierarchical one.

Q: What are some projects or events you have had in the past? Why were they memorable?

A: Circle K is involved in so many events, but some of our largest this year have been: Taste of Circle K, BBQ for Eliminate, several blood drives, and a collaboration with RSA for Homelessness Awareness Week’s PB Jam.

Focusing mainly on Taste of Circle K, this is our largest event of the semester. It is a two-hour serve-a-thon that allows members and students at Northeastern to participate in a variety of service projects. These projects are ones that we have done in meetings that we want to give the student body a “taste” of. Projects include: no-sew blankets, no-slip socks, paracord bracelets, play-doh making, shower curtain designing, and making PB&J sandwiches for families in need.

Q: Do you have any projects or Events that you are particularly excited about?

A: We have Taste of Circle K scheduled for January 25th. As mentioned, we will be performing a variety of service projects that will benefit several charities in the area. We will be sure to share more details when the event nears!

Q: How can students at Northeastern get involved?

A: We are looking for students who are interested in community service, and are willing to dedicate the time necessary to succeed in the mission. Commitment is entirely dependent on the member. Extremely dedicated members sign up for every service project possible and complete tons of service hours each month. Some members are interested in attending one service project per week, which is totally acceptable. It is what you make it!

Q: Is there a place where I can go for more information about your club?

A: Please feel free to email nucirclek@gmail.com with questions on how to get involved. We would be happy to add you to our mailing list as well.

We post updates frequently on social media, so please like us on Facebook (Northeastern University Circle K), follow us on Twitter (@nucirclek), and follow us on Instagram (@nucirclek).

Visit our webpage to learn more about what we have done in the past and ways you can get involved: www.nucirclek.wordpress.com

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