#KnowYourOrg: Resident Students Association

#KnowYourOrg is a weekly publication by the Center for Student Involvement that highlights different student-run clubs and organizations on Northeastern’s campus. It aims to promote and support these groups by allowing them a platform of communication to their community, on campus and beyond. Think your club or organization would be interested? Email csimarketingassociate@gmail.com!


We spoke with Tiffany Chao of Northeastern’s Resident Students Association. RSA meets in 010 Knowles on Wednesdays at 7:30PM. For more information on specific committee meeting times and locations, please refer to RSA’s website or send an email to rsa@northeastern.edu. They told us a little bit more about their club, and how we can get involved!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your club. What do your members aim to do?

A: The Resident Student Association is a Northeastern University student-run organization that aims to enhance the student experience for those living in our community. We work to improve Northeastern residence halls through programming, leadership, and advocacy and by helping to create change within the residence halls and dining halls. Our dedication to a better community also results in amazing campus events ranging from Movies on the Quad to the famous Husky Hunt, as well as well-developed and trained student leaders, dedicated to making positive changes.

Q: What does a typical meeting look like?

A: A typical RSA meeting begins with a Call to Order by the President, followed by a Roll Call to ensure we have quorum. It then moves into Executive Board addresses where the e-board members keep the General Council up-to-date about different initiatives or programs they are working on. Officers then give their weekly reports and Hall Councils are able to make announcements. Our meetings conclude with business, activities, and announcements.

Q: What does your e-board look like?

A: Our executive board consists of a President and six Vice Presidents. Each Vice President has a unique role that contributes to the success of the organization. These roles include the Vice President for Finance and Hall Councils, Vice President for Housing Services, Vice President for Administration, Co-Vice Presidents for Programming and Collaboration, and the National Communications Coordinator.

Q: What are some projects or events you have had in the past? Why were they memorable?

A: The Resident Student Association is well-known for the programs and events it holds. There’s Husky Hunt, which is a 24-hour scavenger hunt all throughout Boston, as well as Snowball, a semi-formal dance that takes place off campus. Snowball 2016 took place at the New England Aquarium on January 30th, where students enjoyed a night of dancing, food, and fun. Due to the positive feedback we receive year after year for some these events, they’ve become an annual tradition.

Q: What is a major event that your club holds and when is it?

A: Sex Week takes place at the end of February. Stay updated by following our social media. Sex Week is one of our signature programs. It incorporates a weeklong series of events that focus on sexual health and education. The programs vary greatly within the week, and from year to year, but we had some really great things in the works for Sex Week 2016. We’re excited about Sex Week because it gives everyone the chance to speak openly and honestly about sex. The only way for people to be comfortable with themselves and others is to have the courage to talk about things that have always been taboo. By normalizing the conversation, we can help promote healthy relationships, and encourage everyone to keep an open mind towards other people who may choose to live their lives differently.

Q: Are you looking for a particular type of student to join RSA?

A: As the Resident Student Association, we are looking for students who are interested in improving on-campus life. The majority of our members live in Residence Halls, and represent their fellow residents. However, our meetings are open to all students, even if they do not live in on-campus housing.

Q: What is your time commitment to the club? What is the typical time commitment?

A: The time commitment for RSA is really what members make of it. Most of our members attend the weekly meetings as well as at least one committee meeting. We’re always looking for volunteers at our events, and the involvement from members vary depending on their other commitments. With more involvement in RSA, comes more opportunities for leadership growth. We have many positions within the organization, including Officers and Assistant Vice Presidents.

Q: Is there a place where I can go for more information about your club?

A: For additional information, you can visit our website or send us an email at rsa@neu.edu. To find out more about our programs or initiatives, you can follow us on our social media: Twitter (@NortheasternRSA), Instagram (@NortheasternRSA), Facebook and Snapchat (@NortheasternRSA). 

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