#Tipseries: Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! Open your windows, clean out the dusty corners, and redecorate! Trust me. Bringing new life to your dorm/apartment/room/harry potter closet will add a little pep to your next get together, and simply make you more comfortable in your own place. Where should you start? Let’s begin.

Before anything can happen, deep clean your space. Air out the cramped winter air with a fresh breeze and the scented accessories of your choice. Then, prioritize what you really need – don’t hold on to anything taking up room you no longer use. Clean all surfaces, the floor, your sheets. Disinfect your kitchen and all door handles. Please clean your damn bathroom.

Next, we’re reorganizing. Before anything changes, make sure everything you need it where you need it. In cramped dorms with little storage space, try some organizing baskets you can store under your bed, or on shelves. This step is all about the functionality and efficiency of your space. Want a more open area? Slide your bed against the wall (under the window for optimal sunny good mornings) and enjoy – more room always makes a space look less messy even with a few things on the ground.

Feng shui might be a buzz word, but there’s some wise wisdom behind it. The key here, and always, is to personalize. To pay attention to how your space reflects and affects your mood and productivity. Dirty and dull-lit rooms aren’t going to help you be very productive. Bright, bland rooms won’t easily become a cozy spot where you can de-stress.

Lighting can change a lot about a space. Without breaking any on-campus housing rules (candles or string lights..) bring in whatever mood you are wanting. Toned-down purple lightbulbs for the weekend? More lamps for a brighter room? I love having a few lamps around my space if i’m in a double room in order to control my lighting – when it’s on, the brightness, and color. Pay attention if you’re getting headaches from any bright white lights in your room, maybe you should switch to a yellow bulb in a lamp. Bring life in your room for some positive energy- succulents are pretty low maintenance, and you’ll be super on-trend with a few around the house. Even better, treat yo self with a bouquet of flowers. You deserve it, I promise.

Not feeling it yet? Reflect your personality and history in your space. I love seeing country flags, postcards, random printed photos stuck around apartments. It’s your space, make it yours. Are you an artist? Hang up your art. For me, this is affirmation. It’s motivation, and it’s a confidence in my work. If you can use your space to do that, you’re putting it to good use. Obviously, a lot of this is human nature. We instinctually want to put up pictures of our friends, display trophies, personalize the decor. Why? It’s an extension of our self. Our generation gets a bit of a bad rap for taking so many pictures, but why? Collect your memories, and put them on display. Do. That. More – and add more light and greenery while you’re at it, it’s proven you’ll be happier and more productive. Remember, these are all really cheap and simple ways to improve your home away from home. Invest a bit of time to improve your mood. Enjoy your spring cleaning!


Written by Mary, CSI Marketing Associate

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